1140 CKXL Calgary 1972

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1972 Ken Connors CKXL
Ken Connors at SAIT in Calgary as well as on-air on 1140 CKXL, Calgary Alberta

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1972 Ross Campbell

One of the mid-day announcers on 1140 CKXL, Calgary was Ross Campbell.

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1972 - Dr Dan

Dr Dan Gavin was on the air in 1972 on 1140 CKXL ,Calgary and for many years after.

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Greg Heraldson 1972
Greg Heraldson played the hit albums from 9 til midnight on 1140 CKXL, Calgary

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Ted Pound 1972

1140 CKXL, Calgary was home for Ted Pound for a number of years.

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1972 Shifts CKXL
- Audio Clips
List of announcers and times they were on 1140 CKXL, Calgary back in 1972.

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Top 100 1971

List of all the top songs that were played on 1140 CKXL, Calgary back in 1971.

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CKXL Announcers

Dan Gavin, John Novak, Bill Adams, Gord Robison and Greg Heraldson.

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Keith James

Keith James, Vice President of Programing of Moffat Radio Stations.
In 1971-1972 CKXL-AM was one of the most popular Top 40 radio stations in Calgary, Alberta playing a contemporary hits format. (Rock) At that time Bill Adams did mornings with Tex, his side-kick. (which actually was a second voice he used) Mike Cleaver pumped out the morning news 1971-1972. (He ended up at CHUM Toronto in the 1980's) Bill Powers did the sports. (Left in 1987, later worked at CHQR Radio, Calgary) Dale O'Hara was News Director CKXL 1968-1973. Bob Robertson was also on air as well being the Program Director. He is the same Bob Robertson who later appeared on "Double Exposure" on CBC Radio and TV. He was inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2004.
In 1972 the CKXL offices were located on the southwest side of Calgary, 804-16 Avenue. In 1987 CKXL changed its call letters to CISS and changed its format to adult contemporary. In 1991 it became CFXX "The FOX". It was later sold and became CFXL. In 1996 it changed to FM as CKIS-FM and later as Jack-FM .

Some of the songs of CKXL in 1972: Horse With No Name- America, Taxi-Harry Chapin, Family Affair, Sly and The Family Stone, Doctor My Eyes- Jackson Browne, Rocket Man, Elton John. The last song Ken Connors played on CKXL was "Too Late To Turn Back Now" by Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose.