Featuring some of the pictures and information of radio friends and aquaintences in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan from 1971 to 1981 when Ken Connors was on Radio and Television.

CKXL 1971-72
Calgary, Alberta
CKNL 1972
Fort St. John, BC
CFGP 1973
Grande Prairie, Alberta
CHEC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJOC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJME 1975-76
Regina, Saskatchean
CHED 1976-78
Edmonton, Alberta
CFGP 1978-81
Grande Prairie, Alberta

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The Bear 101.5 FM

Ken Connors on-air 1972 CKNL 1972 - Automated Music 1973- Last day at CKNL

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Some of the songs played on CKNL: Me and Mrs Jones, Billy Paul, Alone Again Naturally- Gilbert O'Sullivan, Long Cool Woman -Hollies, Go All The Way- Raspberries.

Entertainment in those days was at Lee's Steak House that featured many acts including Mr Hockey Stompin Tom Connors. Also the Fort Motor Hotel was also a popular spot. You had your choice of a movie theatre in Fort St John or a short drive to Taylor.

You can listen to a commerical that was voiced by Ken Connors in 1972 that aired on CKNL. ©

CKNL January 1973 (after only 6 months in radio) Here is a short on-air clip of Ken Connors and also a commercial for Fort Music. © (1:02min)

One of the major differences between radio stations like CKXL Calgary and CKNL Fort St John was the poor equipment at CKNL in the early 1970's. Poor quality microphones , and non professsional tape machines, poor grade production tapes, and no audio processing equipment. Announcers sounded a lot worse at smaller market radio stations than they would in any larger markets.

Fort St John, BC

CKNL radio started up in 1962 and operated on 560 kHz when in 1967 added a semi satellite station in Fort Nelson called CFNL.

In 1972 Gene Daniel was the manager as well as owner. He also did many of the newscastes. Gene left FSJ in 1985. Benchmark Ventures headed by Gene Daniel, purchased CHUB Radio in Nanaimo, BC in 1986 . (2003-Lives on Vancouver Island but still does Fort St John Trade Show.) Paul Hawkes was also on the air in 1972 and later moved into sales. He later worked in sales at Moose FM in Fort St John. (Paul passed away Dec 21, 2010)

In 1997 CFNL-AM in Fort Nelson became CKRX-FM. In 2003 the Fort St John radio station CKNL moved to the FM dial at 101.5 MHz and became known as The Bear.