CJME 1300 RADIO, Regina Saskatchewan

Featuring some of the pictures and information of radio friends and aquaintences in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan from 1971 to 1981 when Ken Connors was on Radio and Television.

CKXL 1971-72
Calgary, Alberta
CKNL 1972
Fort St. John, BC
CFGP 1973
Grande Prairie, Alberta
CHEC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJOC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJME 1975-76
Regina, Saskatchean
CHED 1976-78
Edmonton, Alberta
CFGP 1978-81
Grande Prairie, Alberta

CJME News Cruiser on location at the Regina Airshow 1975.

Chuck Connors (Ken Connors) does his mid-morning show at CJME. Also includes two Top 500 ads that he voiced and spliced together. 1975 © (5:50min)

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CJME 1975 -1976

1975 CJME Ken becomes Chuck CJME Mornings Hart Kirsch 1975 - CJME Mel Corey
1975- CJME Scott Miller 1975- Hart Kirsch, Bob Richards CJME Announcers Dec 1975

1975- Chuck (Ken) Top Songs

CJME - Newsman Jim Goddard Phil Mackesy - Johnny Russel

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Other announcers at CJME: Al Dylan left in 1976 to work at CKLG-AM Vancouver. Later was on CKGM Montreal and last known radio station was CKLW-AM Windsor, late 1970's. Charlie West (Jerry Firman) left CJME and later worked in Victoria, and CJCA and CJRY-FM Edmonton. Pastor, Freedom Church of God, Edmonton 2010.

CJME-AM Staff List
June 1975:

Staff List
CJME Chart 1968 CJME Chart 1968 CJME Chart 1971

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Jay Thompson, Dan WIlliams, Peter Summer.

Regina Saskatchewan

In 1975-1976 the Big 1300 CJME AM radio played Top 40 Music and was in competition with CKCK Regina that played adult contemporary. The owners and managers at that time were Gord and Doug Rawlinson.

In 1975 Ken Connors was offered an on-air show at CJME AM, Regina Saskatchewan. He used the name Chuck Connors.

CJME was founded in 1959. In 1967 CJME was purchased by the Rawlinson family, owners of CKBI radio and TV in Prince Albert. Their company later came to be called Rawlco Communications.

With the changes in AM radio, CJME became a "News Talk 1300 CJME" in 1998. It was about then, that many radio stations started switching frequencies. The 1300 kHz frequency used by CJME was always disliked because of its limited reach outside of Regina. It seemed the further down the dial, the better and further the reception was. CKRM-AM gave up its 980 kHz frequency to take up 620 kHz when CKCK-AM radio closed down. When 980 kHz was available, CJME moved to that spot on the radio dial in 2001 and later became News Talk 980.

20-20 commercial 1976
Voiced by Hart Kirsch

CJME Contest 1976
Voiced by Chuck Connors
(Ken Connors)

Charlie West left CJME in 1975. Here he is on the afternoon drive show 1974 © (3:05min)