CJME 1300 RADIO, Regina Saskatchewan

Featuring some of the pictures and information of radio friends and aquaintences in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan from 1971 to 1981 when Ken Connors was on Radio and Television.

CKXL 1971-72
Calgary, Alberta
CKNL 1972
Fort St. John, BC
CFGP 1973
Grande Prairie, Alberta
CHEC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJOC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJME 1975-76
Regina, Saskatchean
CHED 1976-78
Edmonton, Alberta
CFGP 1978-81
Grande Prairie, Alberta

CJME 1975 -1976
Jim Goddard - News

Jim Goddard in the CJME Newsroom 1976.
At CJME-AM, the Top News Tip of the Year received $1,000.

Regina Saskatchewan

In 1976 one of the Newsmen at CJME-AM was Jim Goddard. He had worked at CKYL Peace River, Alberta before this.

These were the days before computers and your keyboard was a manual typewritter. All the newscastes had to be typed. CN/CP teletype provide news from around the world and BN Voice service provide some of the voice clips used in the newscate. Many interviews were done locally either in person using tape machines or by telephone. The edited clips were played as part of the newscaste.

After CJME Jim Goddard moved to Vancouver and was a reporter for a number of radio stations including News 1130 CKWX Vancouver in 1996. (including 2008) He has been a news and sports instructor at the Columbia Academy of Broadcasting and also an instructor at BCIT.