1090 CHEC RADIO, Lethbridge Alberta

Featuring some of the pictures and information of radio friends and aquaintences in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan from 1971 to 1981 when Ken Connors was on Radio and Television.

CKXL 1971-72
Calgary, Alberta
CKNL 1972
Fort St. John, BC
CFGP 1973
Grande Prairie, Alberta
CHEC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJOC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJME 1975-76
Regina, Saskatchean
CHED 1976-78
Edmonton, Alberta
CFGP 1978-81
Grande Prairie, Alberta

In 1974, I remember playing songs on 1090 CHEC like Jet by Paul McCartney, Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot, Rock the Boat - Hues Corporation, Rock Your Baby - George McCrae, Rikki Dont Lose That Number - Steely Dan, Help Me - Joni Mitchell," Ken Connors.


Lethbridge, Alberta

1090 CHEC 1974

1090 CHEC and Ken Connors 1974 CHEC studios (Roy Rennick) 1090 CHEC NEWS Terry and Phil
1974 CKTA Logo 1974 CKTA - Vern Coop 1974 CKTA Brent Seely

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ALSO some contain AUDIO CLIPS from 1974.

Wayne Berry did the morning show at 1090 CHEC in 1974. Here is a commercial he voiced that year. ©

1090 CHEC evening announcer Paul Tessier is heard in this audio clip doing a portion of his show. ©

1090 CHEC started broadcasting in 1959. In 1996 CHEC moved to the FM dial on 95.5 MHz as CHLB-FM playing country music. As of 2008 the CHEC call letters do not exist.

Also part of CHEC was CKTA which was launched in 1974 serving the Taber and Lethbridge region. The radio station became CJBZ-FM in 2004 and shifted to adult hits also known as

1090 CHEC
Lethbridge, Alberta

In 1974 1090 CHEC was playing Top 40 music in Lethbridge, Alberta.

At that time Walter Gidyk (Walt Edwards was the program director. (He later was Program Director at CFRN-AM in Edmonton until retirement.)

Spring of 1974: Wayne Barry was the morning man at 1090 CHEC. Ken Connors did 9 til noon, Roy Rennik did an on-air show noon-3pm, Jack Neufield (Brother Jack) did the afternoon drive while Paul Tessier did evenings. Mark Campbell did all nights . Mark moved into Television in 1993 and is currenlty at Global TV (2014) Jack Newfield also worked at CJME Regina, and CJOC Lethbridge, and left radiio in 1975. Currently owns a construction company in Edmonton (2014) Paul Tessier is a social worker in Vernon BC (2014). Wayne Barry passed away on May 24th, 2013.

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