CFGP RADIO, Grande Prairie Alberta

Featuring some of the pictures and information of radio friends and aquaintences in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan from 1971 to 1981 when Ken Connors was on Radio and Television.

CKXL 1971-72
Calgary, Alberta
CKNL 1972
Fort St. John, BC
CFGP 1973
Grande Prairie, Alberta
CHEC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJOC 1974
Lethbridge, Alberta
CJME 1975-76
Regina, Saskatchean
CHED 1976-78
Edmonton, Alberta
CFGP 1978-81
Grande Prairie, Alberta

1978- Ken Connors was invited to appear on the November 29th, 1978 Western Express television program at the CTV-TV studios in Winnipeg. The duties included working with the show host, Don Wittman, to generate lottery numbers. The half hour program was seen by over 4 million people in western Canada. The TV show was live.

Feature year CFGP 1978-1981

In this clip, Gord Sharp does the news on CFGP Grande Prairie in 1979. Gord Sharp newsman at CJXX Big Country Grande Prairie until 2010. ©

1980, Ken Connors moved himself off the morning show to do afternoons. You can listen to a bit of the show. ©

SUN-FM, Rock 977
Grande Prairie, Alberta

CFGP 1978-1981

1978 - KEN CONNORS 1978 - Miss Grande Prairie 1979- Sig Reuter On-Location
1979 - Prizes by Helicopter
1980 -Terry Fox Radio-Thon
1980 - Ken and Ken On-Air
1979- CFGP Bathtub Races
1980 Grande Prairie Parade
1980 - Radio Express

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Other staff members during this time were Keith Wasmuth -DJ (left radio to become a Reverand), Peter Hall- DJ (2008 announcer at Big Country XX Grande Prairie, now deceased), Jane Cada, news and talkshow (married Gord Sharp, left radio, works at Crystal Centre 2014). Gord Sharp left radio in 2010 after 35 years in radio, was news Director of Big Country FM in Grande Prairie. Then Gord made his return to the news department in 2014. Ken Truhn-sports/sales 1978-1992 (Manager at Big Country XX then to Q99 Grande Prairie 2010), Bruce Davis-sales manager of CFGP (He was General Manager at Power 104 Kelowna BC, now retired (2014) after 14 years with Jim Pattison Broadcast Group), Don Lindsay was in Sales later in Real Estate and more recently sales for CJDC Dawson Creek. Blair Burrough news (Canada Post 2008, later moved to BC). Jeff Rechner- CFGP DJ. (worked at CKLG Vancouver 2003-2007. In 2008 Jeff is in Los Angeles doing radio and TV commercials) Chris Rodts, Technical Engineer (later moved to Lethbridge, 2010 in Edmonton CKUA Engineering Manager). Jack Soars, Program Director and Talk Show host left radio after 42 years, now deceased.

Bruce Davis - Sales Ken White - Sales Gord Sharp - News Blair Burrough - News

Below are CFGP Group Staff Photos of 1977.
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CFGP - 1980: Ken Connors with Dale Wolfe, Craig Jeffers and Jim Rogers. Also a
clip of Mike Cameron doing news on CFGP. VIEW PAGE With More Clips

SUN FM -Rock 97
Grande Prairie, Alberta

CFGP AM Radio started broadcasting in 1937. Over the years many people were employed as newsmen, disc jockeys, sales people, copywriters, traffic, accountants, program directors, and management.

CFGP later moved to the FM dial and changed its name to SUN FM.

In November 2006, Rogers Broadcasting purchased the radio station from the OK Radio Group and became Rock 97.7 FM Grande Prairies Best Rock & Killer Classics

Ken Connors (left) and Gord Pearcy (right) at a CFGP Reunion that brought back many previous employees.

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