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Located approximately 460 km northwest of Edmonton, the County of Grande Prairie No. 1 became the first county in Alberta in 1951.

Located in the Northern Part of Alberta, the County of Grande Prairie includes the following areas.

Sexsmith, Beaverlodge, Wembley.

Clairmont, Bezanson, Teepee Creek, LaGlace, Elmworth, Hythe, Valhalla Centre, Demmitt, Goodfare, Huallen, Wedgewood.

Demmitt, Goodfare and Huallen are very sparsely populated. The businesses that operated in those areas are now closed. Wedgewood Subdivision is a residential area on the outskirts of Grande Prairie, but still enjoys the services of the city.

County Parks:
There are a number of parks within the County of Grande Prairie including:

Pipestone Creek Park and Campground
17km south of Wembley. Washrooms and showers, native burial ground, small museum, 99 unserviced sites, group area.

Kelskun Hill Park
20km east of Grande Prairie on Highway 43 then north 4km. 9 unserviced campsites, washrooms, showers, palyground, features the Kleskun Hill Park, and the Heritage Village Park with many historic buildings dating back to 1914. On site caretaker.

Bear Lake Campground
Located about 23 km northwest of Grande Prairie. WIndsurfing or Canoeing, boat launch, shelter with wood stove, ball diamond, fire pits, free fireweood. 17 unserviced sites, 4 tenting sites.

Red WIllow Park
Day Use Area, 20 km south west of Beaverlodge on 722. Playground, Camp Kitchen, Playground, 5 picnic tables with firepits.

Hommy Park

Northeast of Beaverlodge along Highway 43. Playground, camp kitchen, 23 overnight campspots. Water well.

Demmit Park
Near the BC border on Highway 43. Has a shelter with wood stove, fire pits, free firewood, 20 unserviced sites.

Valhalla Park
Located right in Valhalla Centre, northwest of Grande Prairie.
Right next to Melsness Mercantile Historic Site that has restaurant and museum. 5 Picnic tables with firepits.

Saskatoon Mountain Natural Area.

Day Use Are near Beaverlodge along Highway 43 and Range Roage 92 then 5km north. Has 4 picnic tables and 4 fire pits. Viewpoint, looks over valley, some 150 metres high.. Designated a Natural Area.

Old Bezanson Townsite
12km southeast of Bezanson along the banks of the Smoky RIver. Now a Day-Use Park. Has a shelter, fire pits, picnic tables, ball diamond, trails. No power.



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The average rainfall in the County of Grande Prairie is 29.5 cm and 180 cm is the average snowfall. The average summer temperature is +15 degrees celcius while the average winter temperature is -12 degrees celcius.

2012 Update: Anyone living on an acreage located in a subdivision in the County of Grande Prairie will require the fire department to come and inspect your fire pit or burn barrel before you can use it each year. The Permit only lasts til the end of the current year that it is inspected.

For more information on the County of Grande Prairie visit the official website of the county.

Big changes have taken place on the outskirts of Grande Prairie, at the 4 mile corner just north of the City. The Overpass has been a welcome addition for travellers wanting to either go to Grande Prairie, or east towards Bezanson and Edmonton, or north to Clairmont and Peace River.

County Of Grande Prairie

The population in County is now 20,347 (2011 stats) compared to 15,638 people (2004 stats) The County covers an area west to the British Columbia border, east to the Smoky River, north to the Saddle Hills and south to the Wapiti River covering an area of 5570 square kilometres.

Major Industries include agriculture, oil, forestry, retail and services.

In the early 1970's oil was discovered in the Elmworth Deep Basin located southwest of Grande Prairie. Within the County of Grande Prairie there are approximately 1500 wells in operation.

Schools in the County of Grande Prairie include Harry Balfour School and the Peace Wapiti Academy located within Grande Prairie. The Peace Wapiti School Division also operates schools in Beaverlodge, Clairmont, Hythe, Wembley, Sexsmith, Bezanson, LaGlace, Valhalla, Teepee Creek and Elmworth.

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The County of Grande Prairie office is located north of Grande Prairie near the 4 mile corner.

NEW SPORTSPLEX is now located near the County of Grande Prairie administrative building. It lincludes 2 NHL size rinks, Indoor Soccer Rink, Indoor Running Track.
Sportsplex website.


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