Two Lakes Provincial Recreation Area, Alberta

Two Lakes Provincial Recreation Area is located 138 km southwest of Grande Prairie Alberta, or 120 km southwest of Grovedale on Highway 666. There are 2 lakes as well as 3 campgrounds at this location with a total of 86 campsites. Featured on this page is Gunderson Meadows Recreation Area, then Pine Hollow Recreation Area and finally Moberly Falls.

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The Highway west of Grovedale is paved for 36 km. The next 84 km of gravel road makes the journey to Two Lakes, Alberta a bit of a challenge. When it is dry, visibility can be very low from the dust of the many logging and oil well trucks that travel on this road on a daily basis. When the road is wet from the rain, it can also be challenging. The recommended speed is 80km, but most likely you can expect to travel at less than that especially when you have an RV with you. Allow extra time to make this trip.

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Two lakes was named in 1952 and the name was used to describe the two lakes. A recluse named Gunderson lived in a cabin near the north side of the lake, which later became Gunderson Meadows Campground. Gunderson Creek was also named after this gentleman who lived in the area until 1934. Two men from Wembley built a trapper's cabin on the North Lake back in 1935 and later built more cabins along their trap line.

North Lake is the smaller of Two Lakes. There are two campgrounds situated here; Gunderson Meadows Campground located on east side and Pine Hollow located on the west side. Gas powered boats are not allowed on the north lake and motorized boats are allowed on the bigger south lake but is restricted to 12 kph speed limit.

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Two Lakes, Alberta: The South Lake is located about 3 km south of the North Lake and is the bigger of the Two Lakes. Moberly Flats Campground is located here. The water is very clear but much cooler.

An Interpretative Trail that is 3.6km in length joins the South and North Lake from Moberly Flats to Pine Hollow Campground. The hike can take about 1 1/2 hours to complete. There are also 3 other scenic hiking trails in the area. It is home to both the Black Bear and Grizzly Bear, Osprey and Loons nest in the area.

Two Lakes, Alberta: At the campground at Moberly Flats, there are some camp spots right next to the lake. There are 30 campsites at Moberly Flats with most backing on to the lake. Each has a firepit and picnic table. Not as private but very scenic. This is a Self Registration Campground. Campers must bring their own firewood as it is no longer provided.

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