Taylor, BC
Part of the Peace Country includes the northeast part of British Columbia and the small community of Taylor situated along Highway 97. This town is located 14 km south of Fort St. John, and had a population of 1,469 in 2016, an increase of 7% from the 1,373 of 2011. There were 593 dwellings in the community at that time.
The 2021 census puts the population down to 1,317.

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A CBC Television Series debuted on January 3, 2011 focusing on the problem of what 60% of the population of Taylor were experiencing; being overweight or obese. Even many of the pets had become overweight. For years the town of Taylor was piling on the high calories and the pounds. The Taylor Town Council finally got involved and started the whole community waging war on their weight. Their challenge was to get from fat to fit and to lose 1 ton of weight in 3 months with diet and exercise. Glen Cross, the Golf Course Grounds Keeper, led the charge along with a number of Doctors, Trainers, Dietitians, Chefs and Psychologists that were brought in to help.

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Alexander Mackenzie travelled through this area in 1793 in search of the Northwest Passage. Taylor was named after Herbie Taylor, who settled in this area in 1912. He was a fur trader, trapper, farmer and ferryman. Herbie was the first to put up a sign "Taylor Flats", as that area was known as Taylor Flats for years. In 1923, the post office was opened at Taylor's farm and the community was officially named Taylor. In 1957 Canada's 1st natural gas pipeline was constructed from Taylor to the United States border. (Westcoast Transmissions Gas Line) In 1958 Taylor was incorporated as a Village.

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Residential area along the Highway in the Community of Taylor, BC. Within a 100 km of Taylor there is a population of about 54,000 people.
2022 Update: The Taylor Medical Clinic (North Peace Primary Care Clinic) closed October 1st, 2022.

EVENTS OF TAYLOR: The World's Invitational Gold Panning Championships are held on the banks of the Peace River each year on the long weekend of August. (Friday through Sunday) The event kicks off with a parade, followed by a weekend of gold panning demonstrations, competitions, horseshoe tournament, arts and crafts fair, bingo, activities for the youngsters, BBQ, and a Pancake breakfast. Many golf tournaments take place throughout the summer at the Lone Wolf Golf Club. Sand Sensation features world-class sand carvers from around the world who create sand sculptures at Peace Island Park, in July. Mens and Ladies Bonspiels are held in January and February. The Taylor Olympics take place every year in February with frozen boot curling, human dog sled races, snow show race, and 4x4 skiing.

Taylor is also known for its Market Gardens and its produce including Taylor Corn. Located in south part of Taylor.

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