Swan Lake Recreation Area, Alberta

Swan Lake Recreation Area is located 16 km southwest of Hamlet of Ridgevalley Alberta (Ridgevalley is 72 km east of Grande Prairie, Alberta along Highway 43.) Located in northern Alberta.

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A Conservation Officer of Parks, Recreation and Sport Division, has said "Swan Lake, Alberta will continue to allow camping (up to a 14 day stay limit) until such time as the area receives a Park or Recreation Area Classification." At that time their department will conduct a needs evaluation to determine if a campground would be constructed or if the area would be upgraded and maintained as a day use site. In 2011, The MD of Greenview took over the responsibility for the recreation area.

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There are only a few camping spots available near the Swan Lake, AB. The rest of the area is used for parking.


Swan Lake Recreation Area in northern Alberta was officially named in 1952 and was believed to have been named after the Swans that were present at the lake. The lake is aerated each winter to ensure that anglers can enjoy good quality fishing year round.

Swan Lake Recreation Area is a very rustic park that offers no services. There only a few camping spots and the MD of Greenview does not charge any fees to users. There is a washroom near the fish cleaning stand, and some wood is available. This recreation area lacks a beach area and playground but does give the serious fisherman the essentials to have a good day.

There are a number of camping spots as well as there good access to the lake on the east bend of Swan Lake Recreation Area in northern Alberta. A lot of smaller inflatable float tubes or belly boats are used by anglers in this area as the water seems to be calmer. Also an ideal place to park your boat when you need a break.

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