Spring Lake Recreation Area, Alberta
Hythe is located just 54 km west of Grande Prairie, in northern Alberta and Spring Lake is located another 27 km north of Hythe. Take secondary Highway 721 north for 7km, turn east 2km on Highway 59, then north again on gravel road for 18km. (or 9km west of Valhalla Centre then 18 km north)

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Spring Lake Recreation Area Park, Alberta takes on 40.7 hectares or 100.5 acres. Spring Lake is a fairly small lake stocked with rainbow trout. The edges of the lake are very shallow but reaches 30 to 40 feet very quickly. Some areas of the lake reach a depth of about 70 feet deep. No gas powered motors are allowed on Spring Lake.

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Access to the beach area at Spring Lake is from the Day-Use area. There is some sand for the youngsters to enjoy as well as a swimming area. Open fires are not allowed on the beach area as well as dogs must be on a leash.


It has been documented that as early as 1924, local fishermen made their way to Spring Lake down some nearly impossible trails. In 1957, the Spring Lake Resort Association was formed and lobbied the Government to build a dirt road to the lake. In 1974, Procter & Gamble Cellulose Ltd (now known as Weyerhaeuser) announced it would spend $100,000 over 10 years to develop a park and campground at Spring Lake. Their first priority was to upgrade the road to the park then later a beach area was developed. A loop for overnight camping and a parking lot for 30 vehicles was also added.

The Canada Goose can be found at Spring Lake as they like the wet grassy area near some of the edges of the lake for nesting. It is common to nest where its parents nested and use the same nest year after year. Other wildlife such as moose, elk and deer can also be spotted on occasion.

In 1977 an aeration system was used in the fall to maintain adequate oxygen levels to overwinter trout to prevent frequent winter-kills. The aeration system has allowed a quality fishery to develop in Spring Lake. The operation and maintenance of the aeration system was jointly funded by Procter and Gamble Cellulose Ltd (Weyerhaeuser) and the Buck For Wildlife program. The lake is stocked annually with trout by the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Services. The Spring Lake Dock Project was taken on by the Peace Country Flyfishers Association. In 1995 about 30 volunteers built the Dock at Spring Lake for everyones enjoyment.

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