Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, Alberta
Located 25 km west of Grande Prairie, Alberta, on Highway 43 is Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, Alberta's 2nd oldest Provincial Park. For many years water skiing was a popular sport at the lake until 2010 when the levels of the water dropped, motorboats were not recommended on the lake.

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Saskatoon Island Provincial Park has a Day-use area with Shelter, Picnic Tables and Playground. Even horseshoe pits. Overnight camping is offered on 3 different loops, some with power and some without. There is also a large group camping area.

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Saskatoon Island Provincial Park was established in 1932 and covers an area over 100 hectares.

Many years ago, the Cree First Nations people picked saskatoon berries that grew on the small island and mixed them with other berries to make pemmican. The Cree described the many flowers as Saskwatoomia or saskatoon. In 1919, the lake level dropped and Saskatoon Island became part of the mainland.

In 1899 Alex Monkman, one the the 1st settlers of the area, built a cabin north of the park and a trading post. The Hudson's Bay Company moved its Trading Post nearby. Roman Catholic Priests soon built a mission house on the south side of the lake, and later Anglican and Methodist Churches built a mission house.

In 1912 Lake Saskatoon became a village and about that time the telegraph line came to the area. The first school in the area was built in 1913 known as Cutbank Lake School. An old mill near the shores of Lake Saskatoon was turned into a school in those early years. In 1929 a two-room school was built on the north side of the lake for grades 1-6 and 7-11 and continued to operate until 1955 when the students were transferred to Wembley.

The community of Lake Saskatoon continued to grow until 1924 when the railway by-passed it by 3 miles to the present location of Wembley. Most businesses moved to the new townsite and the Village of Lake Saskatoon eventually died.

A Swan Festival was held each spring at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, as in the spring the Trumpeter Swan made its way to the Peace Country. The fesitval is no longer held. Archived videos: Swan Festival 2010 VIEW VIDEO

Saskatoon Lake has been designated as a Migratory Bird Sanctuary since 1948 to protect the Trumpeter Swan and Native Plants. Follow the paved trails to the bird viewing stand on Little Lake. The self-guided interpretive tour will be of interest. Canada Geese and Northern Harriers also nest here. Saskatoon Island Provincial Park is home to weasels, snowshoe hares, woodchucks, beavers, muskrats, coyotes, moose and deer.

EVENTS AT SAKATOON LAKE: In the winter you can take advantage of the 6 kilometers of groomed cross-country ski trails, snowshoeing and skating on the skating rink near the boat launch.

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