Notikewin Provincial Park, AB

Notikewin Provincial Park is located approximately 37 km north of Manning, Alberta on Highway 35, and then 30 km east on Highway 692. Situated in the valley where the Notikewin River joins the Peace Rive. Notikewin Provincial Park was on the Provincial list of partial closures in 2020 as part of the Provincial Budget Cuts that would reduce the services of garbage collection and grounds-keeping in the accessible areas of the park.

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The Peace River and Notikewin River cut a valley approximately 150 meters deep in the area. The Peace River is one of the largest rivers in Alberta and was at one time, the only highway through Northern Alberta. It was used by the first explorers, fur traders, gold prospectors and settlers.

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Notikewin Provincial Park was created in 1979 and named for the nearby town and river. The name Notikewin was derived from the Cree word for battle. The river was the scene for many battles between the Beaver tribe and the invading Cree during the 1700's. In 1866 the Hudson's Bay Company established a trading post upstream from the mouth of the Notikewin River. The Battle River House was located east of the mouth of the Notikewin River and was in operation for almost 30 years. Over the years, flooding in the area washed away most of the evidence of that post. An old trapper's cabin built in the 1920's still stands, located south of the day use area.

Local area residents wanted to preserve this area - Hawk Hills Agricultural Society and the Manning Fish and Game Association and helped in creating the park.

Multiple Signs (photo above) for fishermen, boaters, picnickers and campers. Before you go down the steep narrow winding road to the park, there is a parking area, with hiking trails.

Home to 26 species of mammals including bear, moose, wolves, deer and fox and an estimated 200 species of birds which includes woodpeckers, chickadees, warblers and owls.

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