McLennan, Alberta
Located approximately 187 km northeast of Grande Prairie, Alberta is the Town of McLennan located on Highway 2 or 76 km southeast of Peace River, or 438 km northwest of Edmonton Alberta. McLennan has a population of 809 people (2011 stats) living in 291 dwellings.

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McLennan is known as a Transportation Town and is the hub of the Northern Railway. It is a mixed farming area and about 4,000,000 pounds of honey is produced annually in the area.

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In the early 1900's homesteaders arrived in the area. The first settlement was named in 1914 after Dr. John.K. McLennan who was involved with the Edmonton, Dunvegan, and British Columbia Railway. In January of 1915 the railway finally reached McLeann and and the first train station was built. McLennan was originally established as the major railway centre in northwestern Alberta.The first post office also opened in 1915 with E.E. Appleton the first postmaster. In 1918 the first residential lot was sold to Percy Jones and built the first house of McLennan. The first Hospital was opened in Dec of 1929 and was called the Sacred Heart Hospital that had 21 patient beds and later in 1952 it was expanded to include 37 beds. A new hospital was built in 1955 with a 62-bed capacity and many modern facilities. McLennan's strategic location along the railway and Highway 2 made the community important during the construction of the Alaska Highway in 1942. Over the years the community grew. It became a village in 1944 and shortly after in 1948 McLennan was incorporated as a town.


Kimiwan Birdwalk (Birdwalk Interpretive Centre) located on the west side of town adjacent to Highway 2 is open May to October. Opened in 1992 and is visited by over 400 people a month to see the more than 200 species of birds. 300 meters of paths and wooden walkways. Scenic Kimiwan Lake is recognized by the Alberta Province as an important waterfowl bird nesting and staging habitat and is now classed as a Natural Area. The Lake was named Kimniwan, a cree word meaning rain.

Events of McLennan: Winter Family Fun Festival, held each year on the 3rd week in January. Annual Figure Skating Carnival held on the 3rd Sunday in March. Many ball tournaments are held during the summer as well as golf tournaments. Northern Woods and Water Route Caravan held in August.

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