Many Islands Park, Alberta
Located 24 km south east of Worsley Alberta, south of Highway 64 is Many Islands Park in northern Alberta. Your journey takes you 6.5km on a gravel road that winds down the banks of the Peace River to Many Islands Park.

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Many Islands Park not too far from Worsley, Alberta is a small campground situated in the valley of the Peace River. Many enjoy being so close to the river. Most of the campsites are surrounded by trees and shrubs. No ATV's allowed and no alcohol is allowed off campsite. Near the boat launch are Private Seasonal Lots with about 16 RV's set up and room for expansion. Seasonal Lots: View Photo

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Many Islands Park in northern Alberta got its name from a group of islands in the bend of the Peace River. The park is situated on a flat area near the river and is very scenic with the hills surround the park.

As the river flows, many different gravel bars are created and some create small islands. They are usually formed at the bend of the river as rocks pile up and eventually are visible above the water.

There are hiking trails for those who want some exercise and adventure. Robin's Memoral Trail starts at the entrance of the park near the Sani Station. Hiking Trail: View Photo

Each year the Canada Goose makes its was across the continent to nest in the Worsley area. This picture was taken along the highway a few miles from the Many Islands Park in northern Alberta.

EVENTS AT MANY ISLANDS PARK: The Many Islands Music Festival (Family Fun Days) is a weekend event usually held in July each year that runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday with family events, food booth, wagon rides, face painting, and a Kids Talent Show. Various music artists from around the Peace Country take part in the Music Festival and usually there is a dance on Saturday night and fireworks at midnight. (The Boat Poker Rally that began at Many Islands Park and ended here was an event that took place for many years but is no longer held.)

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