Kleskun Hill Park, Alberta
Kleskun Hill Park is located 20 km east of Grande Prairie, Alberta on Highway 43, then north 3 km on Range Road 41 and west 1 km. It is located within the County of Grande Prairie. You can spend an afternoon here exploring the many interesting sites or stay a few nights at the campground. The campground has no services so you are camping without electrical, water or sewer hook-ups. Bob Cochrane, Peace Country Pioneer and amateur fossil collector, found a large number of duck billed dinosaur bones in the area in the 1940's and 1950's. He claimed the bones came from the Dinosaur Hill at Kleskun Hills.

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Kleskun Hill Park offers a unique experience of the enjoyment of ther rolling hills that remind many of the Badlands of Alberta. The park includes many historic buildings and antique machinery that were used in the area from the early 1900's to the mid 1950's. UPDATE: In January 2024 it was announced that all of Kleskun Lands excluding the Natural Area quarter have officially been designated a Provincial Park.

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The rolling hills rise 100 meters above the plains in this area. The eroded remnants of a prehistoric river delta look like a miniature version of the badlands of Drumheller, Alberta.

The Kleskun Hill Park is a protected natural area that is fenced off with access permitted by foot only. The natural area protects one of the largest pieces of native grassland remaining in the Grande Prairie Region. Kles-Kun is believed to mean, "white mud" in one of the areas native languages. It was the area were the first people picked berries and hunted in the 1800's.

One of the hills is called "Dinosaur Hill" because many dinosaur fossils were found there. "Garrett Hill" was named after the former reeve, municipal councilor of the area (1926-1948). Robert Cochrane (1880-1965) was a pioneer area farmer, conservationist and amateur geologist that chiselled the rock Dinosaur Hill and Garrett Hill.

One of the last territorial battles of the Beaver and the Cree Tribes is commemorated by two mounds where five braves had died. Within this natural area is the native burial ground.

In 1916 the Kleskun Hill School opened and classes were taught in a tent until the first teacherage was built at the end of World War 1. In the early 1920's fire destroyed the school. A vacant store was moved from Clairmont to be the new school until the early 1950's when it finally was closed.

Kleskun Hill Park is a 65- hectare (230 acre) natural area that offers opportunities to examine the many species of plants in the area. There are more than 160 flowering plants including the cactus. Flowering Plants: VIEW PHOTO

EVENTS AT KLESKUN HILLS PARK: Each summer the Annual Picnic takes places at Kleskun Hills. It includes Music performances, Bouncy Castles, Wagon Rides, Food and more. NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country

This is the view standing at the top of Dinosaur Hill looking eastward towards the entrance to the park. It is an overview of the Heritage Park and its historic buildings and machinery. The Turner Barn represents a bit of history of the Turner Family that arrived in the area in 1911 and in 1929 built the barn we see today. Also at the Heritage Village is the original East Kleskun School, Out-buildings, the first Post Office and the Roman Catholic Church built in 1947 and other historic buildings from the area. More buildings are being added.

One of the newer additions to the park is the Roy Boyer Hall (brown building to the right of the barn in photo above) that is used for a variety of functions. To the right of that is the Homestead Rock Cairn that was built in 2011.

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