Hines Creek, Alberta

Located approximately 25 km north-west of Fairview, Alberta is the Village of Hines Creek at the junction of Highway 64 and Highway 685. The population is 335 (2021 statistics) with 149 occupied dwellings. In 2016 the population was 346 and in 2011 there were 380 people living here. Hines Creek serves a trading area of about 3300. Most of the people of Hines Creek are involved in forestry, agriculture and the oil industry. It is located in the Municipal District of Clear Hills County. Attractions of Hines Creek include the "End of Steel Spike" near the entrance of the Village and the End of Steel Museum.

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Since there is no hospital in Hines Creek, the residents travel south-east to Fairview for the nearest hospital. RCMP services are available from Fairview as well. The major employer in the area is Devon Canada with a gas plant located between Hines Creek and Worsley. It employs many residents from Hines Creek. Canfor closed its Hines Creek Operations June 30, 2005 because of timber supply shortage. It had been in operation since 1970 and had employed up to 100 employees.

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Residential area in the southern part of Hines Creek.


The Fur Trade was very active in the 1800's in this area, and attracted many to come to this part of the country. At that time the Northwest Company established a fur-trading post at Dunvegan on the banks of the Peace River, located south of Hines Creek. Hines Creek got its name many years ago from the nearby creek. The creek was named after a fur trader Jack Hines. The settlement started as a post office in 1928 with Carol Leonard, the first postmaster. In 1930 the post office and store were moved to the present townsite as that is where the railroad ended up, "the End of Steel". The Hamlet of Hines Creek was incorporated as a Village in 1952.

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Surrounding Hines Creek there is good farming land for grain and mixed farming. It is one of the industries in the area. The above Hines Creek tractor/farming picture, has been published in a Grade 3 Social Studies Textbook called "Our World" published June 2005 with a small mention on Hines Creek, Alberta. The 200 page hard cover textbook has been distributed in Alberta and around the world. 40,000 English and 10,000 French copies were produced. (Ken Connors of DiscoverThePeaceCountry.com has donated the copyright picture for use in this book as per a licensing agreement)

Events of Hines Creek: Ethnic supper held on Family day in February at the Dave Shaw Memorial Complex. Heritage Day is a special day held in August celebrated each year at the end of Steel Museum. Heritage Day events include a breakfast, homemade baking, local entertainment and childrens activities.

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One of the newest additions to the Village of Hines Creek is the Splash Park located at 2nd Avenue and 10th Street. August 26, 2006 Hines Creek and District Centennial Park officially opened.

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