Charlie Lake, British Columbia - The Community and the Lake
The community of Charlie Lake is located along Highway 97 approximately 6 km northwest of the City of Fort St John, situated along the lake (Charlie Lake). It is located in the northeastern part of British Columbia, which is part of the Peace Country. The population of the area of Charlie Lake is approximately 1,897 (2016 stats) and 736 dwellings.

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The Charlie Lake community is located on the southern tip of the lake and has only a limited number of services. It has a General Store and Post Office and Souvenir Shop, School, Church, Gas Station, Firehall, and Community Hall, a number of Campgrounds and some Residences.

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This is one of the busiest intersections at Charlie Lake. Looking eastbound on Highway 97, Fort St John is only a few minutes to the east. To the left, (north) is the entrance to the Rotary RV Park and boat launch. On the right side (south) is the school, Community Church, Hall and a number of businesses.


Paleo Indians lived in the area over 10,000 years ago as evidence has been uncovered in the Charlie Lake Cave. The find includes a single spearhead, a large flaked stone chopper, and small soft-stone bead. Charlie Lake was formed by ice-damming of the Peace River many years ago. In the 1920's the trip from Vancouver to Charlie Lake took two weeks.

Some of the homes situated right along the south side of Charlie Lake BC.

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