Brownvale, Alberta
Located 161 km north of Grande Prairie, Alberta, on Highway 2 is the Hamlet of Brownvale, with a population of 114 (2021 statistics) with 52 occupied dwellings. In 2016 the population was 115 and in 2011 was 125. Brownvale is 10 km from Berwyn and is situated in the Municipal District of Peace No 135. The main attraction of Brownvale is the Mechanical Bronco bull and rider (pictured above).

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Brownvale, Alberta: One of the first things you see coming into the hamlet is the large mechanical bronco bull and rider that marks the spot of the Brownvale North Peace Agricultural Museum. The Museum is a collection of original buildings and artifacts. Includes the house and barn of John Brown, who homesteaded this area in 1913. The museum is open July and August.

The mechanical bronco bull was built in 1986 by the Alberta Government for the Alberta Pavilion in Vancouver for a cost of $30,000. It was constructed out of fiberglass, wood and metal and stands 15 feet high. The rider is supposed to represent Brian Mulrooney, who was Prime Minister of Canada at the time. After the expo, the bull and rider was auctioned off and purchased by George McKenzie for $4000 who donated it to the museum. Every summer it is turned on which the youngsters especially enjoy.

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There are a number of residents that have lived in Brownvale all their lives and have no desire to move anywhere else. Most homes are hooked up to the water and sewer lines. Many enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the community.


In 1924 Brownvale was created as a urban centre to serve the agricultural area. The owner of the homestead that was chosen for this site was John Brown who arrived in the district in 1913. "Vale" was added to the name of the hamlet, as it described the sloping landscape of the area. The land slopes downward in three directions from the Hamlet.

At one time the population of Brownvale grew to 200-300 people and with up to 33 businesses in this flourishing hamlet. The break down started with the centralizing of businesses in the 70's and 80's that resulted in many of them moving to Grimshaw and Peace River. In 2002 there was only one business, "Tom Roberts Computers" and of course the Museum.

Located only a short distance north of the Hamlet is the Brownvale Cemetery.

The Municipal District of Peace No.135 provides police services (RCMP) for this and other areas of the district with detachments located in Grimshaw, Peace River and Fairview.

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