Bezanson, Alberta
Located just 20 km east of Grande Prairie, Alberta, is the Hamlet of Bezanson with a population of 121 living in 57 dwellings (2011 stats) but provides services to the rural community of about 1200.

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The Bezanson General Store has served the Community of Bezanson and the travelling public since the 1950's. It is a convenient store, gas station, post office and liquor store all in one. Lefty's Cafe is located on the left side of the store. The Bezanson Hotel opened in the fall of 2000 but has since been change to apartments. For years Highway 43 passed right through Bezanson until the twinning of the highway in 2001. The highway now by-passes the hamlet a short distance to the north.

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The only way to cross the Smoky River was by ferry which became operation in April of 1915. The 1st bridge at the Smoky River was built in 1949. and a new $7.8 million Smoky River Bridge, east of Bezanson, was completed mid November 2001. Highway 43 is now a four-lane highway from the Four Mile Corner, near Grande Prairie, to Crooked Creek. The project is part of the twinning project from Gunn, near Edmonton, to the B.C. border.

In 1916 school was first held in the Presbyterian log church which was located at the top of the Smoky River hill. In 1919 the first school was built and named after A.M. Bezanson. In 1951 it was sold and moved to the Bezanson Village where it burned down.

Events of Bezanson:
The Bezanson Ag Society holds its annual Horse Show each year as well as a Baseball Tournament, Bezanson Bog, and Curling Bonspiels. The Annual Firemen's Ball is held each spring.

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In the early years the Old Bezanson Townsite included: Morrison's Store, Croken, Barn & House, Root Sellar, Turners House, Dorn's Restaurant, Brotherson & Dewhurst Shoe & Harness shop, Flour Mill, Parker & Frederckson's House, Steve Webb's Barn, Hall & Leonard's Store, Morrison's Barn, Mart Gerry's Blacksmith Shop, Billy Bayhan's Livery Stable, Steve Webbs House. The Peace River Milling and Co. Flour Mill . A. Brotherson in February 1915, built a shop with full line of harnesses and saddles as well as repairs. Boot and shoe repairs were also available.

With the railway under construction, many speculators were subdividing an area at the original townsite location with even a block reserved to the station site. Lots were selling for as little as $200 and as high as $400. An incentive to build was also given. The developer of the land would deduct $100 from the price if a building was erected for business purposes within a year.

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