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Auto Sales - Service, in Northern Alberta & BC
The Peace Country has a number of Auto Dealers who sell new and used cars and trucks plus there are numerous specialty shops that do auto body repairs while other shops that work on windshields, brakes, tires, electrical, transmission work, and more.

Plugging In Vehicles In Cold Weather
Many experts advise, when the temperature gets -20 degrees Celsius you should plug it in. It may still start when it is -30 degrees Celsius but that could cause extra wear and tear on an engine, and in some rare occasions may cease the engine when revving the engine when it is cold. It is best to plug in your car for four hours when the temperature is very cold. Plugging it in more than four hours does not have any benefits so it is best to have it on a timer to save on the electricity bill.

How Long Does a Car Battery last?
Under ideal conditions a Car Battery should last 5 or 6 years in the Peace Country. Warm climates seem to increase damage due to sulfiation and water loss and shorten a batteries lif span. If your batter is older than 6 years, it might be advisable to replace it even though it is still holding its charge, so it doen't let you down when you need it most.

Winter Tires vs All Season Tires
Many are going with having 2 sets of tires. One for winter and one for summer. The Winter Tires have been proven to be able to stop sooner than All Season Tires. Winter Tires are designed to have better grip on ice or heavy snow. The rubber stays softer in colder temperatures resulting in better traction. Being a softer rubber means they will wear out sooner especially on dry pavement. So its best to change them back to All Season or Summer Tires in the spring.

Taking Care of Your Vehicle
Road Salt is the worst thing for your vehicle. It is a good idea to wash your vehicle a number of times in the winter time to get rid of the salt that is corrosive and damages the metal on your vehicle. It can also affect your hydraulic brake system, and exhaust system.

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