Telkwa British Columbia

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Telkwa, BC

The 1920 Happy Valley School has been converted to the Telkwa Museum.

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10 km east of Smithers, BC along Highway 16 is the Village of Telkwa.

The community is located on the banks of the Bulkley and Telkwa Rivers and has a population of about 950 people.

Fishing is very popular here as many fish for salmon and steelhead from the bridges at Telkwa. Kayaking and canoeing is also a great sport of the area. There are two hiking trails. you can take a walking tour through historic Telkwas and see some of the historic buildings, including a a 1908 log house, 1912 First Union Bank, Charlson's General Store from 1914 and many more.

The Collins Overland Telegraph came to the area in the 1860's, and Aldermere was the first settlement in the area which is located a short distance from Telkwa.

Located halfway between Prince Rupert (232 miles) and Prince George (224 miles)

Telkwa, British Columbia