Smithers British Columbia

Featuring some of the areas beyond the Peace Country, of northern BC and Alberta.

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Smithers, BC

Photo of one of the downtwon streets of Smithers British Columbia.

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When travelling Highway 16 in northern BC, one of the roadside attractions is the Moricetown Canyon, located right along the highway. Approximately 30 km west of Smithers or 30 km east of Hazelton, BC. It is on a First Nations Reserve.

Moricetown Canyon is on the Bulkley River. The river is about 1,300 feet wide and narrows to about 50 feet wide at the canyon. The rushing water has carved the rock of the canyon falls.

A roadside stop, makes it a pleasant walk to explore the area. A wooden bridge crosses the canyon and there are fish ladders that help the Salmon's journey upstream.

On occation, there are First Nations people spearing and netting for Salmon. The Wet'suwet'en First Nations community of Moricetown is located nearby. Moricetown was named after the pioneer missionary, Father Morice.

Smithers, British Columbia