Mackenzie, British Columbia

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Mackenzie, BC

A small Mackenzie Information Centre located at the Junction of Highway 39 and 97.

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More photos of Mackenzie Turnoff, BC. Enlarge photos above.

Mackenzie, BC is located 27 km west of the junction of Highway 39 and 97. Mackenzie is 185 km north of Prince George. Travelling east from the turn-off, this is the last community until Dawson Creek, BC.

Mackenzie has a population of around 5,700 and was created in 1966 along the southern banks of Williston Lake, the largest man-made reservioir in North America. It was created by the WAC Bennet Dam. Named after the famous explorer of the area, Alexander Mackenzie.

The area is known as one of the best fishing and hunting areas. It even has its own 9-hole golf course.

On display in Mackenzie is the World's Largest Tree Cursher. (175 ton) Located along Centennial Drive in Mackenze is the Arts Centre, Museum with the Chamber of Commerce next door.

Mackenzie, British Columbia