Houston British Columbia

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Houston, BC

The World's Largest Fly Rod, (60 ft) on display at Steelhead Park in Houston, BC.

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Located along Highway 16 located in Pleasant Valley where the Bulkley and Morice River meet. It is also known as the "Steelhead Capital of the World" because of so many anglers visiting the region. Known for coho salmon, Doll Varden, and rainbow trout.

There are many lakes and rivers in the region attracting many fishermen, hikers, horseback riders, Kayakers, mountain bikers. There is an abundance of wildlife in the area.

The town was orginally called Pleasant Valley in 1904 and was changed to Houston in 1910, after a former mayor and newspaperman.

Houston, BC has a population of about 3,200 and has a number of restaurants and accommodations, banks, gas stations and even a small shopping mall.

Smithers is located to the west about an hours drive. Burns Lake is located to the east about the same distance. Prince George is about 3 hours away from Houston.

Houston, British Columbia