Fort Fraser, British Columbia

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Fort Fraser, BC

One of the Oldest Settlements of British Columbia, Fort Fraser.

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Fort Fraser
Fort Fraser was named after the explorer Simon Fraser. It is one of the oldest settlements in British Columbia located 145 west of Prince George. The town was built 4 km east of the original Simon Fraser's fort of 1806.

Beaumont Provincial Park is located near Fort Fraser just off Highway 16 and was the site of the original Fort Fraser. An old barn stands near this area. In 1914, the last spike was driven a few km to the east, that joined the eastbound and westbound sections of the Pacific Grand Trunk Railway.

Fort Fraser has a population of about 1,000. The main employment is the forest industry.

The Nechako Valley has many rivers and lakes in the area which provide a natural playground for outdoor adventures from fishing, waterskiing, kayaking and more.

Fort Fraser, British Columbia