Bijoux Falls, British Columbia

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Bijoux Falls, BC

This sign is situated along Highway 97 about 44 km north of McLeod Lake BC.

FALLS (enlarge picture) RIVER (enlarge picture) BLUE JAY (enlarge picture)

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Bijoux Falls Provincial Park
This park is a great break when travelling between Dawson Creek and McLeod Lake just west of the Pine Pass summit. The park is located right next to the highway and the falls are next to the parking lot, so no hiking required. The park has four picnic tables, washrooms, and of course a very close look at the falls. Campfires are not permited at this park.

The name Bijoux is French for Jewel.

Bijoux Falls Provincial Park is home to British Columbia's Provincial Bird, the Steller's Jay. It doesn't take long before they appear as it is home to a large Stellar's Jay population. Also keep in mind that there are bears in the area.

Bijoux Falls, British Columbia